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Shanga Parker 

Shanga has been dedicated to teaching and learning for his entire life. After training as an actor, he began the next phase of learning - teaching what he studied. He has been a university professor for over 25 years - getting tenure at the University of Washington in Seattle and reaching the rank of Full Professor at NYU. He also holds Adjunct Professor/Visiting Professor positions at Columbia University and Iceland University of the Arts, respectively. 


To complete the head/heart/hands approach to education (learn it, try it, live it) he continues to work as an actor in theatre, television, and film. He has acted in numerous TV shows - ranging from 90’s sitcoms to procedural dramas. He also continues to work on stage in live theatre and directs theatre productions annually at all levels of production.


Shanga recently completed the Building Personal Resilience Certification Program in HeartMath.

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