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What is This?

EVOKE Your Identity with HeartMath 


If your narrative and image are unclear to yourself and others, it’s most likely your identity is incoherent. This program will allow you to understand and trust your decisions and boost your confidence and self-awareness while helping you connect the dots and create a streamlined path to success. 


Together with EVOKE Your Identity, HeartMath’s coherence techniques and scientifically tested results will lead to you embracing and enhancing your private persona. When you begin to change internally - understanding what and who you are - then becoming what and who you want to be - you will experience remarkable changes in your external environment.

What is EVOKE?

EVOKE means to bring to your consciousness, it’s also an acronym standing for EARTH, VALUES, OBJECTIVES, KNOWLEDGE, and ESSENCE. These five elements are the makeup of our entire life, business, and being. 


The purpose of the EVOKE method is for you to define your purpose, design your life, and rewrite your story. 

You will understand your identity in a non-judgemental way and establish a coherent narrative and image - increasing your capacity for self-awareness, and emotional intelligence. This work gives you a more fulfilled life without judgment of yourself and others - making it easier to get a job, live a happier life, and curate a Personal Brand that is an authentic extension of you.

What Is HeartMath?

By calling upon the heart’s intelligence, you will unlock the power of the heart and bridge the intuitive connection between the heart and mind - thereby rewiring the brain through the heart. Different patterns of heart activity have different effects on your thoughts and behaviors. Knowing simple techniques to increase communication between the heart and the brain, being aware in the moment of how we react in specific situations, and developing a practice to be proactive in how we will respond in specific situations, will allow you to take control of your life.


When the heart and brain are in coherence, they are communicating effectively, resulting in less impact from mental and emotional stressors, the ability to make clearer choices, access greater intuition, and increase resilience.

Through our HeartMath work together -


  • You will learn how to recognize thoughts and actions that increase your resilience 

  • You will learn how to change unconscious behaviors into how you want to live

  • You will establish new habits of using the techniques to positively change your life



 Born-and-raised Icelandic Viking who immigrated to the US for education and dreams. After graduating from the University of Washington with a BA in Drama, and fifteen years of theatre living’s ups and downs - Anna Rósa found work in marketing and advertising as a brand storyteller. 


She has always been fascinated and curious about human behavior and how some people seem to dance through life while others can’t catch a break. Anna Rósa wanted to know how and if we could redesign our own lives, and how to overcome what hinders us from success by overcoming anxiety and cracking the code to truly being ourselves. 


Working with clients on establishing and redefining their brands, business, and being, Anna Rósa is a guest lecturer at Tisch School of the Arts, NYU on the topic of defining an inner compass that is your Personal Brand.


Shanga has been dedicated to teaching and learning for his entire life. After training as an actor, he began the next phase of learning - teaching what he studied. He has been a university professor for over 25 years - achieving the rank of Full Professor at NYU after getting tenure at the University of Washington in Seattle. He also holds Adjunct Professor/Visiting Professor positions at Columbia University and Iceland University of the Arts, respectively. 


To complete the head/heart/hands approach to education (learn it, try it, live it) he continues to work as an actor in theatre, television, and film. He has acted in numerous TV shows - ranging from 90’s sitcoms to procedural dramas. He also continues to work on stage in live theatre and directs theatre productions annually at all levels of production.


Shanga recently completed the Building Personal Resilience Certification Program in HeartMath


What Does This Course Include?


4 live classes with Anna Rosa and Shanga.

Access to recorded classes and supplemental recorded material.

One-on-one follow-up sessions after the course


What you’ll walk away with:


You’ll establish who you want to be and what you want to do in your life. You’ll redefine your values, purpose, and passion. You’ll learn how to swap old habits out for new ones and align your new self with a new exciting direction. You’ll enhance your inner compass and will become the person you can count on.


The combination of these methods/techniques teaches you how to live a life led by your inner voice - not by the voices of others. Practicing HeartMath while immersing yourself in EVOKE will teach you how to be confident in presenting yourself - the true authentic self you were meant to be - to the world. You will become aware of your emotional intelligence and learn to value its importance.


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